Business Intelligence

A new focus is moving BI forward. Not only does this new focus include reporting, dashboards and analysis, for smarter business decisions. It also includes performance management, to drive profitable growth; and predictive analytics, to optimize business outcomes. In short, it is forward-thinking BI.

What takes BI Forward?

The answer to those questions is the use of predictive analytics, to extend the value that BI data currently brings to your business operations. It’s important to know that BI is a key strategy to drive a business towards success on a global market. Predictive analysis and the ability to implement this data by Business and Data Analytics team is one of the top priority among corporations.

What we provide?

Business Analysts, Data analyst, Data architect, Data engineer, Reporting Analyst, Solution Architect, Data Integration developer etc

What we specialize?

COGNOS, SAS Clinical, CDM, Oracle, Informatica , Data Stage, SQL, Tableau, Teradata

Vuesol Analytics

Vuesol offers smarter, self-service capabilities so you can quickly and confidently identify and act on insight. The engaging experience empowers business users to create and/or personalize dashboards and reports on their own - while providing IT with a proven and scalable solution that is available on premises or on the cloud.